Tuscany Real Estate Club, this formula is presented to Italian and international customers in a different form compared to traditional real estate agencies because it arises from the synthesis of the most diverse professionals with a network of contacts that allows those who come to Tuscany and not only in Tuscany to look for real estate solutions that range from residences, farms, commercial premises and receptive tourist activities, with customer assistance that includes the entire path that involves the conclusion of a lease or a sale but also the enhancement before and post of the object making use of well-known law firms and notaries, of internationally renowned architects and scholars of art and architecture as well as a relationship with leading credit institutions should there be a need to resort to these for the real estate transaction.

Fabrizio Chiostrini Tuscany Real Estate Club

Fabrizio Chiostrini

Operational manager
30 Years of experience

Alessandra Bassi Tuscany Real Estate Club

Alessandra Bassi

Consulente immobiliare
25 Years of experience

Tiberio Corsi Tuscany Real Estate Club

Tiberio Corsi

Consulente generale
40 Years of experience

Cinzia Galgani

Operational manager
15 Years of experience

Matteo Chiostrini Tuscany Real Estate Club

Matteo Chiostrini

Operational manager
8 Years of experience

Our story starts from a roots in the Tuscan territory which, famous for its beauty and its beautiful climate, makes emotions unique to those who live it. In addition, the Club uses a network of extremely loyal contacts that allow real estate operations from the islands to the Alps. A further element of strength of this structure is the creation with the customer of a relationship that, arising from his interest, continues even after the purchase and in the restructuring phase, enhancement and management of the property purchased. Based on all that has already been said, we believe that joining Italian and foreign customers to our Club can ultimately make a difference.